Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile



Light weight

To compare with the traditional ceramic tile, the weight of Vanael metal roof tile is just 1/6 of it. It is convenient to carry, store and use, so it can save the time and cost of installation.

Easy installation

Vanael Stone CoatedMetal roof tile is very light and it is easy to incise and cut off, so it is suitable for all kinds of buildings, especially for the heavy grade roofs and towers.

Excellent durability

Galvalume plates and natural stone chip coatings are characterized by excellent anti corrosion features which extends the life span of tiles for more than 50 years without fade.

Recyclable and Eco-friendly

Vanael stone coating metal roof tiles are galvalume based and have high recyclable content. Over 90% of the tiles are recyclable,which makes it more economical and environmental.

Color Diversity

VANAEL metal roofing tiles come in a wide range of colors to suit individual preferences. The colorful vermiculite has been processed at high temperature, thus to be brightly-colored, and never faded.

Cost effective

Vanael stone coated steel roofing tile is so far the most economical roof age, for it is waterproof, freezing tolerance, fireproof, aging-onmentresistant, and erosion resistant, and the price is cheap.

Structural Strength & Security

No bending of tiles during installation, and Vanael stone coating steel roof tiles are nailed into the battens using serrated nails thus providing burhlar proofing.

Earthquake resistance

Vanael stone coated metal roof tiles are light and firm, they can lighten the building and won’t easily cause damages to the under structures of the buildings in earthquakes.

Wind resistance

Even Vanael tile only has the 1/6 of weight to the traditional tile, the interlocking system design techniques guarantee the roofing system more safety in the storms.


VANAEL is one of the world’s largest metal roofing tile manufacturer from China, we pride ourselves on our great service and have made our website simple to follow, to make sure that you get the right roofing material for the right job.

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Yes. We are a professional steel coated metal roofing tile factory and we have our own factory in Guangzhou, China which covers an area of 20,000 square meters.

Yes, we can send you free sample for confirmation, but you need to pay the shipping cost.

We provide high quality products and guarantee the color won’t be shade in 50 years.

Color for Customized

Colors can be changed with variety of effects and can be formulated according to

customers' requirements to develop.