Facts and Questions

Facts about stone coated metal roofing
When it’s time to replace your roof, there´s a lot to consider. Many homeowners are looking for a Metal Roof system that provides long lasting durability and a beautiful appearance. stone coated metal roofs have become the choice for the consumer when looking for replacement of an old roof or even new construction.

Our customers include residential homeowners, HOA and commercial developments and more. They have found the best of the best in metal roofing systems that provides them with durability, long lasting appearance and a roof that protects their family from the elements.

Questions & Answers

1. Are you factory?
Yes. We are a professional steel coated metal roofing tile factory and we have our own factory in Guangzhou, China.

2. Can you send sample before order?
Yes, we can send you free sample for confirmation.

3. How about the quality of this stone coated steel roofing tile?
We provide high quality products and guarantee the color won’t be shade in 50 years.

4. Can you produce the goods as customer design?
Sure. Welcome to send us the design or sample, we will calculated the cost and unit price for you as soon as possible.

5. What’s your delivery time?
For small or stock orders, we can deliver the goods within a week after received the payment. For large order, 15 days to deliver after advanced payment.

6. What’s your payment method?
Our payment method is 30% advanced payment, and balance advised paid before shipment.

7. Will Steel Roof Rust ?
No, The steel substrate is protected from corrosion by layers of metallic and polymer coatings. Wanael utilizes an advanced metal composite developed by BIEC International and introduced as aluminum-zinc coated steel. The composite improved earlier metallic coatings by applying aluminum-zinc alloy to the steel in a continuous hot dip process. The aluminum creates an inert barrier coat while enhancing the long-term performance of zinc and its ability to protect the breaks in the coating.

8. Is Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tile Fire-proof?
Yes, it adopts class A materials. Usually the property owners choose other class A fire-proof materials to match steel roof tiles.Therefore metal roofing system is fire-proof.

9. What’s the Installed Weight of A Steel Roof In Comparison to Other Products ?
Steel roof: 5-7kg per square meter.
Glass fiber roof: 15-25kg per square meter.
Terracotta roof: 46kg per square meter.
Concrete roof: 46kg per square meter.

10. I Am Caring About the Environment. Is It Retractable If We Install Wanael Metal Roof Tiles ?
Yes, Wanael stone coated steel roof tiles are produced with the latest technology, which is environment friendly. It is convenient to take off and re-install. Over 80% of stone coated steel roof tiles can be recycled. Other roof materials are non-recyclable.

11. Is It Energy Saving ?
Yes, metal roof system reflects sun rays but heat insulation system is the key role to achieve energy saving.

12. Can Wanael Roof Withstand Extreme Weathers ?
Wanael roof can withstand various extreme weather conditions for decades such as summer hot and humid, and heavy snow. It is approved by international testing reports and cases that Wanael roof resistant wind, shock, freezing and 193Km/h hurricane.

13. Are Stone Coated Metal Roofs Noisy When It Is Raining ?
No, the stone coated surface deaden the sound of the rain and even hail.

14. Does the Color fade? Any Corrosion?
NO. Wanael metal roofing tile are using high quality raw materials, and as well as the top international advanced production technology to ensure the durability and seismic resistance of the products.