Construction Lightweight Nolan Metal Roofing Tile.

Colorful Nolan stone coated metal footing tile is a brand new roofing materail, which is based on high corrosion AL-ZN plate,high quality watercraft acrylic resin as adhesives, high weathering of natural stone particles or inorganic color pigments for the dyeing of natural stone surface, it is creative,complex, environment-friendly high-tech products.

Nolan colorful stone coated metal roofing tile not only has natural, deep, and excellent decorative properties of the traditional clay tile, but has light,strong,and durable performance of modern metal tile, it is the main trend of current international advanced roofing material.

Nolan colorful stone coated metal roofing tile is suitable for roof slope project with various styles and types of structure (wood , steel, concrete),also applies to the original building`s flat to pitched, old roofing and building decorations, and other local projects. it use environmental materials,with no harm to people and environment.

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