Why Choose Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

Stone coated steel roof tile is a brand new roofing material produced with durable galvanized steel plate and takes the high quality watercraft acrylic resin as the adhesives, the weather resistant nature color sand or dyed nature sand as the surface layer through unique technical process. It is high technological product combining creation, composition and is environmental friendly and does no harm to people and environment.

Stone coated steel roof tile has both the natural,good properties of traditional roof clay tiles and the excellent light,strong,durable performance of modern metal tiles.It is currently the main high-grade roof materials in the world.

Stone coated steel roof tile is suitable not only for roof slope projects of various styles and types(wooden,steel structured,concrete)of buildings,but also applies to the buildings’ local decoration,etc.The material is environment friendly and does no harm to people and environment.

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile Main Characteristics

1. Light weight.
To compare with the traditional ceramic tile, the weight of our metal roof tile is just 1/6 of it. It is convenient to carry, store and use, so it can save the time and cost of installation.

2. Easy installation.
Metal roof tile is very light and it is easy to incise and cut off, so it is suitable for all kinds of buildings, especially for the heavy grade roofs and towers.

3. Excellent durability.
High quality galvalume plates and natural stone chip coatings are characterized by their excellent anti corrosion features which extends the life span of tiles for more than 30 years without fade.

4. Recyclable and Eco-friendly.
Metal roof tiles are galvalume based and have high recyclable content. Over 90% of the tiles are recyclable,which makes it more economical.

5. Color Diversity
VANAEL roofing tiles come in a wide range of colors to suit individual preferences.The colorful vermiculite has been processed at high temperature,thus to be brightly-colored,and never faded.Now the product is widely used the entire world.

6. Structural Strength
No bending of tiles during installation

7. Security
The tiles are nailed into the battens using serrated nails thus providing burhlar proofing.

8. Cost effective
It is so far the most economical roof age,for it is waterproof,freezing tolerance,fireproof,aging-onmentresistant,and erosion resistant. Up to 40% less timber is used on the roof structure and no polythence or iron sheet underlay is required for roof pitches between 5 and 60 degrees.

9. Heat and sound insulation
Compare to the galvanized sheet,aluminum-sinc is more durable,heat-resisting,heatproof and anti-corrosion.It is genenrally believed that steel roofing sheet can guarantee 30 more yaers without being rusted or eroded in various conditions.

10. Earthquake resistance.
Earthquake can cause the infinite property loss, the more is because of the structure roof and the weight of tile. Stone coated metal roof tiles are light and firm,they can lighten the building and won’t easily cause damages to the under structures of the buildings in earthquakes.

11. Wind resistance.
Even metal tile just has the 1/6 of weight to the traditional tile,the scientific interlocking system design techniques guarantee the roofing system more safety in the storms.


Compared to asphalt shingles and concrete roofing:

Stone coated metal roof, at only 150 pounds per square(while the other two one weigh 350 to 1100 pounds), effectively reduces the overhead weight on the house structure. This provides for a much safer building during an earthquake, fire or a hurricane.

Compared to step tile aluminum sheet:

Step tile Aluminum roofing Sheet is made from Aluminum coils, Stone Coated Roofing tiles is manufactured with the finest Aluminum zinc alloy-coated steel covered with Italian ceramic-coated stone granules which makes it last longer than Step tile. Some of the advantages of Stone Coated is that,it is non-combustible fire resistance, it does not split,break or warp neither does it absorb water because the stone granule provides an excellent protection against prolonged exposure to the sun or rain,and it also has a more beautiful appearance.

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